Sunday, February 12, 2006

Being Grounded Is A Bith

I'm grounded, and it SUCKS. I would be out in the snow, sledding with sandra, messing with sammy, buring things with nick, being gangsta with lily, or laughing with julia, but no, I got grounded.

I was getting condoms for my friend, and my mom found them, thought they were mine... you can guess what happened.

So what am I doing to pass the time? Making blog, so now everyone reading this will get the name.

So I've been messing with AIM and playing music all day... currently no one is on. I don't know that anyone will be on anytime later to day... sept Evan, he promised...

I'm trying to get him to call instead, but he's reluctant... I wonder why... hehehe

The radio is playing shit... its DC 101... better that Hot 99.5 I guess...

So here's my fav pic...

And no, I dont not cut myself. I just think thats funny shit, its making fun of emo's, for all you dense bitchs... hmmmmmmm im gonna look at my comp for a pic of me... maybe later I'll have one...



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